GYROTONIC® is a new, unique exercise method that takes a holistic approach to fitness and health, focusing on the whole being.
Unlike other exercise machines, where the body is limited to linear motions, GYROTONIC® allows and promotes a natural three-dimensional movement of the body.

The handcrafted equipment allows total freedom of movement and can be adjusted to suit anybody's weight, strength, and level of fitness. 

This exercise system stretches, strengthens, and elongates muscles without joint compression.

How does it work? 

This exercise system simultaneously stretches, strengthens, and elongates muscles without joint compression, while increasing flexibility and developing coordination and control. GYROTONIC® releases tension held in the muscles and gently eases stress. This methodology works systematically, gently and fluidly with joints, spine, and muscles. It incorporates fundamental principles of yoga, gymnastics, ballet, swimming, and tai-chi.

Internally, GYROTONIC® exercises stimulate organs through the movement of the diaphragm (through breathing exercises) and rhythmic spinal movement in all possible directions. Each movement is accompanied by a specific breathing pattern that enhances the circulation of blood and oxygen, improves cardiovascular strength, and increases metabolism. The breathing patterns are synchronized with the movements to increase aerobic stimulation and promote neuromuscular rejuvenation. GYROTONIC® develops a better awareness of breathing habits, which clears toxins and revitalizes all the major systems in the body.

The circular and spiral movements of GYROTONIC® imitate our internal and external energy pathways, which results in energizing body systems and stimulating and strengthening the meridian flow. This helps to develop a powerful strength from within and an improved sense of well-being. GYROTONIC® is suitable for people of all age groups and fitness levels, as well as those recovering from injuries or suffering from chronic illnesses. This system is ideal for men, women, children, seniors, athletes, dancers, and anybody who is seeking health, equilibrium, fitness, stamina, strength, and flexibility.

GYROTONIC® is suitable for people of all age groups and fitness levels.

Benefits of GYROTONIC®:

  • Promotes strong and lean muscles
  • Sculpts the body
  • Improves overall range of motion (spine and extremities)
  • Improves posture and body awareness
  • Increases strength and flexibility
  • Increases core strength
  • Increases coordination
  • Increases bone strength and density
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • Increases endurance
  • Prevents injuries
  • Releases toxins

Can GYROTONIC® be used during my physical therapy session?

Yes, it can. In our office, we incorporate GYROTONIC® in the physical therapy sessions regularly. We use GYROTONIC® for treating a variety of surgical as well as non-surgical physical conditions, such as rotator cuff repair, total knee/ hip replacement, scoliosis, cervical and neck pain, shoulder pain, bursitis, balance and coordination problems, and more.

Unlike other exercise machines in physical therapy offices, GYROTONIC® promotes fully functional physical performance. In other words, the body will be trained in its natural and physiological way, a three-dimensional way.

Resistance, the desired range of motion, speed and rhythm are all elements of great importance during a physical therapy session. GYROTONIC allows the users to adjust these features entirely. That is why we use GYROTONIC® even for treating patients with very acute conditions and after surgery. Our therapists are certified and trained in GYROTONIC® and incorporate this system in physical therapy sessions.

Does my health insurance plan cover GYROTONIC®?

Our office is contracted with most health insurance companies. We will send the claims to your health insurance company. If we accept your health plan, depending on your health benefits, and eligibility, your sessions will most probably be covered. For your convenience, we will contact your health insurance company and verify your coverage.

 GYROTONIC® Semi-Private Sessions

Our studio offers GYROTONIC® or personal training semi-private sessions. These sessions consist of two participants. You will still receive quality and professional instruction. As in our private sessions, participants in semi-private sessions will enjoy the following benefits: low impact stretching and strengthening of every muscle group, while raising the heart rate. The feedback we have received from our clients after their sessions include the following: feeling stronger, taller, energized, more relaxed, revitalized, and renewed. Each semi-private session is 55 minutes.

Benefits of Semi-Private Sessions:

  • An economical way to use GYROTONIC® 
  • Workout with a friend or family member
  • Flexible scheduling

 Independent GYROTONIC® Program (IGP)

If you are looking for an exercise using GYROTONIC® or a high-quality fitness session on your own, this is the right program for you. 

This program is designed for those of you who have completed a minimum of 20 GYROTONIC®/ Fitness training sessions in our studio.

To participate in this program simply do the following:

Complete a minimum of 20 private GYROTONIC® sessions with our trainers.
Receive a trainer's approval to participate in IGP.
Purchase your IGP package.
Read and sign our policies.
Schedule and reserve a time.
Enjoy your session.

Please have in mind that GYROTONIC® and Fitness Training are unique and complex in performance. Inappropriate and incorrect exercising may result in injuries. Therefore, our trainers may suggest that you continue with your private or semi-private sessions until you have mastered the exercises and can perform these safely on your own.

Benefits of IGP:

  • An economical way to enjoy GYROTONIC® 
  • Soothing and relaxing atmosphere
  • Flexible schedule

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