Mr. Boroumand is a physical therapist certified in Germany in 1995 and a LPTA in the United State. He is a certified Schroth Therapist, a three- dimensional scoliosis treatment, and is trained in Bobath technique, also known as “neuro-developmental treatment” (NDT). His focus for the past 20 years has been in treating scoliosis patients and spine related injuries. He is certified manual therapist (Kaltenborn) and has taken several Maitland spine mobilization classes.  


In 2000, he started and completed his training in GYROTONIC I and GYROKINESIS. He is also certified in GYROTONIC specialized equipment, the Arch Way (Ladder) and the Jumping Stretching Board. In 2005 he completed his second massage therapy certification program.


He strongly believes that an intensive and carefully designed exercise program can reduce the degree of scoliosis and improve overall functionality.